Claim Sky charges after cancellation?

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Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I apologise if it is in the wrong section.

I'm after some help/guidance about a situation involving Sky.

Just over a year ago I cancelled my Sky subscription over the phone (I never watched it enough to justify keeping it so stuck with Freeview instead) and recently (thanks to my girlfriends insistence) we have discovered that Sky have still been charging me £25 a month for a year and half.

I admit, I am a fool for not checking my bank statements during that time and I put it down to laziness.

My query is whether I can claim back all this money? I moved out of the property shortly after the cancellation of the subscription (I do recall the conversation and I was told the subscription had been cancelled).

I did call Sky and they did say that my account was still active and I argued (not aggressively) that I was told everything was finished with.
I also asked to be put through to someone who could help me with reclaiming all this money and I was put on hold for 45mins (only had a mobile at the time so thanks, Sky, for the £36 extra on my phone bill to hear crappy music repeated over and over...:mad: ) and got no response so hung up.

Are there any forms or people I can call to help? I was considering the threat of taking legal action. £350+ is too much to walk away from...

Many thanks :)


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    My query is whether I can claim back all this money?

    Provide them with the evidence you cancelled the subscription (date, time and name of the person you spoke to) and confirmation of the date the bank cancelled the direct debit mandate on your instruction.
    I was considering the threat of taking legal action.

    For which you will need to provide your evidence. So, what do you have?
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    Sounds like a difficult one given that you carried on paying for a year and a half but perhaps the following could be an option:

    - If you called from either a mobile or your landline, then can you get an itemised bill for that period showing the call had been made.

    - Perhaps that, alongside proof you moved out and have not had the option to view elsewhere (not sure if a sky card in a different house would still work) could show that the call would have been to disconnect.

    Then you will require them to be accepting of those facts and talk it through with the complaints team.
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    Did you not notice they hadnt sent you a letter to confirm cancellation?
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    Contact your bank and get them to refund it to your account under the Direct Debit Guarantee. You might have to be a bit insistent as most bank staff haven't a clue how to do this and will try to fob you off, but stick to your guns and they will refund it to your account.

    The bank will then claim it back from Sky's bank who will take it from Sky's account. Sky might then try to write to you to claim the money, at which point you remind them that you HAD cancelled your subscription and that they took the money in error. They will most likely drop it at that point and you will already have your money back. Much easier to win the argument when YOU have the money!!
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