changing gas&electricity but failing credit report

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Hi can anyone help me please?

I have tried to change gas and electricity but have failed the credit report. Having not defaulted for 4 1/2 years on either, being told i need to put a deposit down for each at £200 (therefore refundable deposit of £400 for a year) it a bit extreme. It was either that or a prepayment meter - and i am not stupid so i havent gone for that!

What can i do im with British Gas and paying 150 per month so £400 per month saving was very very good but i can't access it, if i could afford what i was paying i wouldnt be looking to change!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Thank you for your help in advance xxxxx


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    I have never been credit checked for this, did you have a bad experience with the same company?
    Do you live alone, if not why not ask someone else to but the bills in their name?
  • I can't unfortunately, i have a DRO and my partner is bankrupt, have never been with this company before and getting calls off them every other day now but been at work so keep missing them so don't know why they are ringing. Hate the fact that i have to stay with a company that has hiked its allready inflated prices!!!!
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