Car Park Solutions

My wife got a parking ticket from these today.

I assume like most on here that its not enforceable.

Has anyone had any dealings with them.

The car Park Solutions website claims " A registered debt collector is instructed to recover the outstanding amount plus charges"

I assume the best advuse would be to ignore it


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    Yes, just ignore them. Looking at their website they even provide their own letter-chain:-

    Our Standard parking enforcement is totally free as we generate our revenue from the tickets we issue.

    The general timescales for tickets is as follows:
    Time offense is committed : Ticket issued and photographic evidence obtained.
    14 days Later: Registered keeper information is requested from the DVLA and a charge certificate is sent
    A further 14 days later : The keeper is sent a "red reminder" This is a standard letter which is a final demand for payment
    A further 28 days later : A registered debt collector is instructed to recover the outstanding amount plus charges.

    One thing they fail to mention is that the registered keeper has nothing to do with the parking ticket. Any alleged "debt" is just between the driver and the parking company. I imagine that's just a simple oversight on their part.;)

    Of course no "offence" ever occurred which we spell with a "c" in this country.
    What part of "A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo" don't you understand?
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    they will threaten everything into frightening you to cave in and pay up,, do not its a con, these people are con artists who want your money,, just ignore like you do with junk mail,bin it, do not contact, do not reply to any threat o grams from their pretend debt collectors/solicitors, as its the same moron puting these leters in the envelopes with a bit more red ink to scare you,,,boo,,,anyway,, legal powers,, no nothing other than scammers of the first degree, they dont do court,,why? because they know 100% of the time ,,they would lose,,,relax now, glas of wine,,watch the cricket(in fact dont),,chill out,,.
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    What's a "registered debt collector"? Maybe they have a number printed on their forehead or summit!!
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