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Help with Border Hedging

I am after some help chosing which hedge/shrub to use to as a privacy border.

I would ideally like something approx 1.5m high and quite pretty not just a plain hedge. I dont mind if it needs a fair bit of maintenance.

Trying to do it fairly quickly and cheaply!!


  • 3v3
    3v3 Posts: 1,444 Forumite
    This company can prove good value, but it really depends on how small/large and area you need to cover.


    The webpage is especially good for finding advice on which hedging to go for etc.

    One thing to consider, even though you want it for privacy, some shrubs are great as burgular deterants (not a perfect deterant, but it does add another dimension to consider). I've planted a row of pyracantha (evergreen) and rosa rugosa along the back fence of my garden both for privacy and to add a thorny barrier.

    Good luck with your decision; let us know what you decide and which was the best source on price :)
  • 3v3
    3v3 Posts: 1,444 Forumite
    Also, check your local council webpage for a "free tree scheme". Unfortunately, my council isn't running it this year (cuts, I suppose), but last year they were offering 25 free (barerooted) native trees. Although it says "trees" some of them are good for hedging: this included holly, which can be kept to 1.5mtr with regular trimming, and the option to purchase extras for a ridiculously low price. I missed out last year (overshot the close date) but my friend was successful and very happy with the trees she got.

    Would be worth a few minutes just to see if your council has something similar
  • SailorSam
    SailorSam Posts: 22,754 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    I got an assortment of bare rooted plants from Hedges Direct that were not much more than twigs last year but i've been surprised at how quickly they have started to grow.
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  • slscarborough
    slscarborough Posts: 851 Forumite
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    edited 10 July 2011 at 6:22PM
    It is not necessary to buy plants as burglar deterants as I am only doing one side of my front garden. Also do not want prickly hedges or those that bare poisonous berries as I have two small children.

    I have looked at hedges direct and really like the Mexican Orange Blossom but the plants are so small. Would like 80cm height ideally but that is looking like costing me £30 a plant and I have approx 6 metres to cover!! Liked the idea of the hedge being fragranced to cover up the smell from next door!!

    Have checked with my council and they are not running any free tree schemes unfortunately.
  • theoretica
    theoretica Posts: 12,348 Forumite
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    A mixed hedge is best for wildlife so you could buy a few expensive plants to put in with other things. Also they come into flower and leaf at different times which I find prettier.
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  • Patchwork_Quilt
    Patchwork_Quilt Posts: 1,839 Forumite
    We like our beech hedge although you have to plant quite close together to make it look like a hedge in the early years. Another one to consider is privet, which seems to grow more quickly. It may have poisonous berries but you never get them if it is trimmed. It does form a very close, evergreen hedge.
  • fwor
    fwor Posts: 6,812 Forumite
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    Excellent. You might find you can get it a bit cheaper by using their "formula" and buying the plants themselves individually elsewhere, but the idea of a mixed fragrant hedge is a really good one.
  • slscarborough
    Have looked and havent found anywhere cheaper - not for this size of plant.
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