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Hospital Parking tickets - now letter from debt collectors!

Advice needed please! I have received 2 letters from a debt collecting agency saying i owe £73 each for 2 tickets i recieved at work from Jan and March this year at work at a hospital. I ignored the 2 tickets when i recieved them and this is the first i have heard anything - not anything from the car parking company themselves - just these letters from the debt collecting agency! Am i going to have to pay £146 for two tickets?! Any advice greatly appreciated


  • peter_the_piperpeter_the_piper Forumite
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    NO. Ignore them (no doubt the letters are full of "may do this, intend to do that, could do the other") and contact union to complain if necessary.
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  • vax2002vax2002
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    Ignore them and the silly letters they will, send you..
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  • anksponankspon Forumite
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    They used to take the money out of wages but i think they went private
  • Do they know you were driving???

    Either way, you don't have to divulge this information to them.

    The demands are unlawful and you are safe to ignore. Warn them by post if you wish that if they don't stop, you'll report them for harassment which is a criminal offence, slightly more important than an unproven civil "claim".
  • HO87HO87 Forumite
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    The exposure of NHS staff and/or contractors in these situations is not always as clear cut as that of a customer in a retail park, for example, because adherence to parking "regulations" may have been written into employment contracts - or may be deemed to have been so. I have many examples of NHS Trusts who either through their websites, their normal process for publishing documents (especially board minutes and briefing papers) or FOI schemes make it clear, in fact, explicitly clear in some cases that the use of parking "sanctions" are fully intended as penalties. In at least one case the papers even examine the way in which the use of tickets may create an additional revenue stream. I would contend that if this thinking - from what can only be defined as "controlling minds" of the organisations - would knock flat any proposed court action based on breach of contract - the more so when such documents include quotes of such clarity as:
    The trust board has authorised the use of civil penalty notices

    I would recommend that the OP conducts a little research themselves to identify what the position of the Trust concerned actually is.
    My very sincere apologies for those hoping to request off-board assistance but I am now so inundated with requests that in order to do justice to those "already in the system" I am no longer accepting PM's and am unlikely to do so for the foreseeable future (August 2016). :(

    For those seeking more detailed advice and guidance regarding small claims cases arising from private parking issues I recommend that you visit the Private Parking forum on
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