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Invest 4.99% flexi mortgage


I've got a FD flexi mortgage with a £26k facility fixed at 4.99% for just under 2 years.

What do you reckon to investing/saving some of this elsewhere to make a turn better than the 4.99% it would cost me.




  • The thing is that unless you can put the money in an ISA or other tax wrapper, you'll be paying tax on the returns on your investment/savings. Since two years is too short to safely invest in risky assets, you'd need a safe way to earn more than the mortgage rate after tax, which could be tricky.

  • roswellroswell Forumite
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    costs and gains are goignto be unlikely to be profitable over 2 years for real investing, the only options really would be to put it in a savings accoutn but most likely arefter tax there would be little gain, you also have to remember if you borrow this money to save you will have higher monthly payments on the mortgage.
    If it doesnt pay rent sell it.
    Mortgage - £2,000
    Updated - November 2012
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