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Hi -

I am just starting with card tarting and a question:

When my 0% interest period has finished and I move to another card, should I close the old card?

Otherwise I am going to have a proliferation of unused credit card accounts.

Plus will this give me a negative credit rating?

And does closing cards improve / decrease credit ratings?

Alex's Dad


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    It's a good idea to cut the card up, phone the company to cancel it, and ask that they inform the credit reference agencies.

    Any future lenders may be put off lending money to you if they see you've got lots of cards lying around with high limits that you could put to use tomorrow.
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    Always worth phoning them up to cancel (rather than writing a letter), as I've been offered further 0% deals by some of their 'customer retention' departments as an incentive to stay a customer. There's no guarantee, but it's got to be worth a try. I reckon my success rate is 1 in 3.
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