MBNA credit card help!!

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I currently own 2 MBNA credit cards.

One is a Virgin card where the introductary rate expired a while ago & i have a zero balance.

The other is an Abbey card on which i owe approx 8k and the intro rate expires in June.

The minimum payment of £5 on MBNA cards suits me at the moment as it means i can put more away into savings.

I'm aware that you can have several mbna cards at one time & now i think its time for me to apply for a new one. Can anyone recommend one? Will i have to transfer my 8k balance to another card first ( i have several others ) before i can transfer onto my new MBNA card.

MBNA also can move credit limits between cards ( which is what they did for my Abbey card ) which is why i think i might have to move to another card first, then shift my credit limit to my new mbna card, then transfer the balance to the new mbna card.


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    Do not forget about 2% balance transfer fee for most of MBNA cards - ALLEGEDLY with no max limit.
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  • JUst been looking at their Alliance & Leicester card which has a £35 max fee.

    Which then begs the question, do these companies charge interest on the balance transfer fee itself?
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    There is very little to choose between them (except Virgin which you already have). I'd suggest you look at the MBNA site and read some summary boxes on the different cards. BTs are increasingly being charged a 2% fee with the upper limit £35, £50, or unlimited. So choose one which has a £35 limit.

    However MBNA are tightening up on people doing just what you are - tarting/stoozing and making them no money. So you may well find it hard to get more MBNA cards. No real harm in trying though.

    You can not BT directly between MBNA cards. I suggest you pay off your current cards first and then apply for a new one. Alternatively go for a non-MBNA card and then you can BT directly between them.
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