Nipping out tips and buds on new clematis Montana

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In march I planted 2 montanas in containers to grow over an arch and 2 in the ground to grow up trellis panels...
The 2 over the arch have now reached the full height of it (around 8ft!) and im wondering what the best thing to do is, whether I should be nipping the tips or cutting it back at all?


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    Aren't montana the most vigorous of clematis? Do you have anything bigger you can move them to climb over while you get something a more suitable size for an arch. :)
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    A Montana will grow to 20 or 30 feet if given its head. If you nip out the tips it will just go really bushy at the base and start overgrowing itself instead. TBH it's going to end up burying your arch completely. It would be far better to move it asap and buy a polite well mannered hybrid type clematis instead. There are plenty in the shops.
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    Covering the archway and trellis is exactly the purpose it was planted for so I'm fine with that. What I want to know is how much pruning etc should be done in it's first few months/year
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