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Veg to plant in June and things to do.

1) Keep planting out crops sown indoors. eg, sweetcorn, courgettes, squashes.
2) keep your eye on tomatoes, and pinch out side shoots on the cordon varieties.
3) Tie in runner/french beans if it's been a bit windy around your way, beans tend to climb in an anti clockwise rotation, so help them along this way.
4) Keep earthing up spuds as necessary.
5) Weed, weed and weed again - especially amongs onions/shallots - use a hoe to knock off the shoots of quick germinating annuals before they have a chance to seed - if you get thistles or dandelions amongst your crops, just cut them off at the base - depending on which crops they grow between, digging them out could loosen the anchorage your veggie crops have.
6) Leeks can go in where your early spuds come out.
7) Keep growing herbs - especially those that can have their leave frozen whole without fuss, basil, sage, oregano.
8) Feed tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies, aubergines with a feed such as tomorite or other brand as soon as they are flowering/fruiting.
9) think about your compost heaps for Autumn/spring spreading - gather all the good stuff and muck you can, and fill yor heap.
10) Garlic is not really ready until JulyAugust, but if you have grown it this year, recommend you try a freshly pulled green garlic bulb, so moist and scrumptious.
11) Water greenhouse crops in the morning before the sun gets high, and in the evening when the sun goes down.

Loads more.......please fill in the gaps I've missed.


  • freezspiritfreezspirit Forumite
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    I was wondering if I'm too late to sow some herb seeds in a propagator.
  • Sally_ASally_A Forumite
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    I'm still sowing herbs - ie the usual ones, parsley, coriander, thyme, basil - and have found no need for a propagator this time of year, a sprinkling on a pot of seed compost should be fine.
  • TonyMMMTonyMMM Forumite
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    Re 3), My runner beans are definitely going clockwise ....
  • Sally_ASally_A Forumite
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    TonyMMM wrote: »
    Re 3), My runner beans are definitely going clockwise ....

    Really?? are you looking from a human viewpoint from above or a seeds viewpoint from below?

    Must nip up the garden and have another look.

    Do they grow the other way south of the equator - a bit like water going down the plughole in the opposite direction?
  • Lotus-eaterLotus-eater Forumite
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    Most beans do grow anticlockwise, viewed from above, but I believe there are a couple that go the other way. All mine have ever gone AC. Doesn't matter where they are either :D
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  • Am I too late to sow some carrot seeds? I had already planted earlier but left a couple of rows free to sow some successive ones but I forgot :o. If not, what about parsnips?
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  • Lotus-eaterLotus-eater Forumite
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    Carrots no, not too late.

    Parsnips, I would say dodgy. Give them a good bit of space when you thin them out and don't expect to get massive ones. If everything goes ok, you stand a decent chance of getting some good ones to use.
    Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
  • Thanks, I'll get the seeds sown in the next few days :)
    :j little fire cracker born 5th November 2012 :j
  • QuackersQuackers Forumite
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    Thanks, I'll get the seeds sown in the next few days :)

    Me too now :D
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  • pixiehousepixiehouse Forumite
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    I just put Carrot seeds in Yesterday and some peas. My runner beans are growing well. Ive got onions in a piece of guttering along the side of the garage and they are doing really well as are the strawberries in the guttering.
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