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Does anyone know if carob trees would grow in this country? We've just come back from Majorca and the trees were everywhere.


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    I've not seen any reference to UK trees, they all seem to be around Portugal, Spain, Malta. I know Carob as a chocolate replacement has been a bit of a fad amongst the "trendies".

    Am hard pushed to find a seller in the UK.
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    No, they don't tolerate frost very well. Very sweet honey tasting pods, when I was tiddler I lived in the eastren med and they were everywhere. yamm..
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    We went to Malta a couple of years ago and i picked up a few interesting seedpods from under a large tree. I brought them back and didnt do anything with them for a year or so. After we moved house we gained a large greenhouse and whilst i was sorting it out i found the seed pods. I planted several of the seeds this spring and now have 4 little carob trees growing about 5 inches high at the moment. I read too that they were intolerant of frost so plan to try and grow them indoors in the cold weather as bonsai versions. Oh well nothing lost if it fails.
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