Garden Design...or not

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I need to do something with my garden. Dont really want to pay out for this, but may have little choice....we're working flat out trying to get the house into a liveably condition (5 months so far). Garden now going to pot.

I've been quoted £650 to rotovate, re-turf, weed,trim hedges & basically get the garden all new & fresh. I could do with saving that £650 but really not sure if we can leave it much longer.

Garden are pictured is about 58' x 28'.

If anyone can offer any ideas Im all ears please/thanks :j
P.S. I've been told the tall trees are not Llelandi, but are slow growers - PHEW!


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    Rake it over to make sure there is nothing which will damage a mower and put the mower over it. And leave it until you can find time and motivation to do it when you will enjoy it. Where you are at, rotavating and returfing will just pull a big maintenance liability down on you which you are not ready for.
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    What DVardy Shadow said. Keep the lawn mower over it until you're ready to maintain it properly. I'm not a gardener but I've had Green Thumb out and they've worked wonders on lawns before at about £14 a treatment. I remember the one was a new build and it was FULL of weeds - more weeds than grass courtesy of the builders, and one corner was dead from a trampoline. They got it sorted relatively quickly in conjunction with me making the effort to keep mowing it regularly. They could only have come out three or four times.

    I'm not sure about trees, get them trimmed, of course. If it were mine, I'd be losing some of them. I think it's usual to trim at the end of the growing season so they are neat all over winter.
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    Which way is south? You could get a LOT of shade from the trees which is why the lawn is poor. TBH Given the trees will taking all the water, I'd pay to get the trees thinned out and stumps ground regardless.

    The usual advice for a new purchase is leave the garden for a season and note what comes up, then plan accordingly.

    With such a 'blank canvas' there's loads you could plan to do from spring 2012.
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    Garden faces South West - get loads of sun. Thanks so much to you both, - just checked out Green Thumb - yaaaaaaaaa they're in my area. Thats the way to go! What a tip!:j

    Garden is so poor partly due to builders using & abusing it
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    if money is tight then ask a local OAP to help out once per week. give em say 20 quid a day.
    that way you spread the cost over 12 months.

    a lot of old time gardeners are very glad to help.
    put an advert in the local newsagents window.

    my DD had her elderley neighbour helping in the garden. and she never even asked her.
    the lady just turned up one day and started doing the front garden. she did it for yrs.
    Get some gorm.
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    Thanks. ya, I thought maybe some older chap who loves gardening might like to earn a few bob. I've got somebody in mind, AFTER I've got it sorted - somehow, but dont yet know if that somebody will be interested.....Great tip again thanks
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    Save your money. Your garden isn't horrific, and nothing dreadful will happen to it if you leave it till next year. The lawn will recover if it's only in poor condition due to builders - try a box or two of grass seed on it to refresh it and see what it looks like next year.

    Make decisions on trees next year when you know what you want to do with the garden overall. They won't grow another twenty foot if you leave them for 12 months.
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    Your idea of going to pot is obviously different to mine. I've seen a lot worse!

    It looks like a it needs a tidy up, but nothing major, or that you can't easily do yourselves. I certainly wouldn't pay £650 for some weeding and pruning.

    A day or weekend spent mowing, pruning and weeding would make a lot of difference and get things under control.
  • muskokamuskoka Forumite
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    Thanks very much chaps. I'll have a good tidy up & see how I do my self. Many thanks
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