Trying to reclaim charges from a cancelled?? Orange account

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Sorry but I've posted this in two areas in the hope that someone can help

Firstly I know we've been stupid for not checking our statement thoroughly for too long but it still doesn't seem right. (sorry it's a bit long but I'll try and explain what happened)

We were with Wanadoo for broadband. In Feb 2008 we changed completely to Talktalk (line, broadband etc).
It would appear (according to the hard talking superviser at Orange) that I had phoned to cancel, phoned again and failed to call back on the Monday morning as I should have done to cancel Orange/Wanadoo properly. I have no recollection of this at all.
In August 2008 we moved house so the phone line got completely closed.
Don't ask why but we've only just realised they've been relieving us of £18 a month since then (£600+ by now):mad:
Spoke to Orange.
First guy: very helpful, keen to get it sorted out, found out how long since we stopped using them etc.

First level supervisor: still quite helpful, offered me 6 months' refund £111. Better than nothing I suppose but still not what I'd like.

Higher level manager/supervisor (class bully I think by the sounds of it) Said the other guy shouldn't have offered me the 6 months' refund. Read out the notes from my calls when we moved to talktalk, told me that I didn't cancel and therefore it's my fault. she said she'd honour the refund offer but not keen.
To cap it off the withdrawal's have been from a debit card that ran out in Jan 2009.
Orange woman suggested I take it up with the bank, they may give me money back which would leave my Orange bill in debt (cue baliffs!)
The first couple of people indicated that this was very common practise from talktalk not cancelling contracts properly, saying that they would do everything etc and not asking for Mac codes etc. It sounds quite common and therefore something that I should be able to get half dealt with I'd have thought.

Does anybody have any suggestions who to try and reclaim through, Orange, my bank, Visa, or should I take the £111 and try to get some back from Visa through my bank (a visa dispute)
Thanks for any suggestions
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