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Having recently bought a laminator to use on my daughters school certificates, she has seen the results and decided she would like to do some laminating of her own for her play time. Secret Agent, Astronaught and nurse i.d. cards, are ideas she has had. Are there any sites where we could download to print off, novelty i.d. cards such as these where we could fill in her details and photo etc. prior to laminating. Any help appreciated.
As an after thought I'd like to add that she is only 10 and we're not seeking to produce any kind of fraudulent documentation. Thanks again


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    Have a look HERE . It might give you some ideas
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    Have you got MS Publisher? You can create all manner of cards and certificates etc and get your daughter involved in designing them too, maybe even making them herself if she can use the PC. They teach and use MS Publisher in high school IT lessons (not sure about primary school though) so it's a good idea to familarise her with the programme anyway.
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