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Good Afternoon,
Am a newbie here so hello to you all.

I'm after recommendations for a high quality wooden tool shed (can't post a link to one but if you Google 'Tool Store Garden Shed' you should get the picture!).

Have bought a couple of sheds off the 'net in the past and been pretty disappointed by quality so if anyone has a Happy Tale to tell please let me know.

Am happy to build from a kit and pay a decent whack if the thing is going to last. Hope someone can help.


  • UncleZen
    UncleZen Posts: 826 Forumite
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    I'd be interested to know what was dissapointing about a shed bought from t'internet.
    Im looking at buying a new shed right now and was looking at various internet shed-selling sites. But its so difficult to tell and the pictures are not that big.
  • nick_s123
    nick_s123 Posts: 9 Forumite
    Hi UncleZen,
    The shed I bought was advertised as 'high quality' but was made from pretty flimsy panels which when screwed together made for a wobbly and not particularly rectangular old shed.
    If I could remember whence it came I'd like you know so you could avoid the place. But I can't. Sorry.
  • alleycat`
    alleycat` Posts: 1,901 Forumite
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    Couldn't really tell you as i've never bought one.
    The shed i inherited is 34 years old (although how much of it is the original shed is open to debate).
    Don't make em like they used to :D
  • annie123
    annie123 Posts: 4,256 Forumite
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    MrBadexamplehttp http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2977436 got a nice looking one acouple of years ago http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.php?p=42516610&postcount=128
    I'm sure he wont mind telling you where it came from.
  • nick_s123
    nick_s123 Posts: 9 Forumite
    @Alleycat- They certainly don't! Be surprised if mine lasts 5 years.

    @Annie- thanks, have contacted MBE
  • Chunks
    Chunks Posts: 712 Forumite
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    I bought an octagonal summer house in 2009 from walton.co.uk. There were some snags that needed sorting eg. damaged bits in transit but overall was pleased. If you have some reasonable DIY skills and are prepared to a) give the wood a good treatment (particularly on the bits you don’t see) before erecting it and b) get some decent felt (not the rubbish that comes supplied) then it's a piece of proverbial and should last years.


  • nick_s123
    nick_s123 Posts: 9 Forumite
    Thanks Chunks, will have a look. Am happy to self-build. Cheers, Nick
  • savemoney
    savemoney Posts: 18,127 Forumite
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    Make sure the shed is kept slightly off the ground it will make a huge difference on lasting. I used some old slate from a roof but roof tiles assuming they are flat will do. Assuming you get reasonable quality shed it should last years if its kept ie using woodstain. My old one was as good as new and was 10 years old, I did replace the felt on the roof after about 6-7th year.
  • HelenDaveKids
    HelenDaveKids Posts: 3,177 Forumite
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    Im looking for one at mo on ebay. Although have plenty of time so won't be rushing.
    Morgage till Nov 30 GOAL MFW Sept 2016
    Aug 11 - £100k Aug 2016.... It's GONE!!!!!
    2014 GOAL HIT 5 Stone! 2016 GOAL to be a MF marathon runner.
    "A goal without a plan is just a wish"
  • captain_mainwaring
    Hi all. I would like to share with you a horror story about buying a shed on line and this was this week.
    I ordered and paid for two 8 x 6 sheds with 'buyshedsdirect'. Now this company wasn't the problem it, was what happened next.
    Unbeknown to me this company acts as a 'agent' for a shed company called 'forestgarden'. This company supplies Argos, B & Q and many of the diy type stores. So, my order has gone through and I am told that the 2 sheds will be delivered on May 24th (This Tuesday). I am up early waiting for the text message from the delivery driver stating roughly when he will be with me.

    7am 'til 8pm...... nothing!!
    I email the company (This is how I received delivery confirmation) and tell them 'phone me, I'm annoyed'. They call me Wednesday morning. I explain what's happened and I have paid 2 men £220 to turn up on the Friday to erect 2 sheds. (I'm disabled so I can't do it)
    'Oh heck, sorry you shouldn't have had delivery confirmation we are out of stock'. Anyway to cut this long story even longer I demand delivery on the Tuesday (after bank holiday). 'No. We can't do that as our next delivery is allocated'

    By now I am 'B' livid. Bear in mind that I have waited in for 13 hours paid 2 men to install these sheds and now I am £220 out of pocket. I want compo. Ha! That's a joke.

    I manage to get Chief Exec on mobile. He's just a arrogant twit and promises to get back to me in a hour. (Which he didn't!)

    In the meantime I have demanded a refund from them and I want the money back in my account pronto.

    Trouble is you know how this works don't you? They take money instantly but when they pay it back it can take up to 10 days!! Is this fair? No it isn't. (Get this one sorted Martin!!:money:)
    So. The upshot is this. Ordered, paid and got nothing then refunded and still I have nothing to show for this except a loss of £220.

    Some of you may say 'why pay up front for the 2 men to install sheds'? Well, it's called forward planning.... something obviously 'forestgarden' doesn't do!!

    Phew. That was long.

    Hope you all get my drift on this one. If your buying on line make sure the company produces their own sheds and are not 'agents' for someone else.

    After my bad experience with this useless company I hope that you will not use them and silently teach them a lesson but, at the end of the day they don't give a monkey's about you or me because if we buy from Argos, B & Q etc they still survive and get our money.

    There. I hope I have shed some light on a crap (<<insert dog poo) company. Top marks for 'forestgarden'. Named and shamed, I hope! If you were the last company on this planet to supply sheds I would make my own. You are not worthy!
    Always looking for a bargain :j
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