Barclays fraud - please help!

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Hi I’m not going to go into the stress this has caused me but please know that this situation has started to make me ill.

I opened up a savings account with Barclays in the beginning of March with £4,000. I never received my card or pin. After a few weeks I phoned Barclays and asked when I would receive them and they told me that all the money had been taken out! I went mad. They put me through to the fraud department and they said they would send out a form to fill in.

I sent the form off, phoned everyday – they said they never received it. So I sent another one and again have phoned every single day. Every day the people say the same thing ‘its under investigation’ etc etc. Last week they told me it would be resolved by the Friday just gone, but on this day I received no phone call – so I phoned them. They then said 'we made a mistake' and they do not know when it would be resolved. Arrrr.

I am close to giving up, this has taken so much energy and stress. What can I do against a big bank who has stolen/lost my money? I NEED that money! I have sent emails, phoned many many times for nothing. They lost my money 3 months ago!

Is there anything I can do???? I do not have money for solicitors etc. Please help. Thanks


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    If fraud has occurred it is unlikely to be the bank behind it.

    However, FSA rules put the onus on the bank to show that the withdrawal wasn't fraudulent and, if it cannot, it must refund within a reasonable time.

    I suggest you point this out to them and tell them you want the matter resolved by the end of tomorrow or addressed in accordance with their complaints procedure.

    An e-mail to [email protected], with details of the complaint and how to contact you should be sufficient to start this.
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