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Childrens garden club 6-7year olds

kay+2 Posts: 21 Forumite
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hi, im quite new to this site, so im not hundred percent sure im in the right place, but im running a childrens after school club for an hour a week, for 6-7 year olds.

Im looking for any advice on what activites to do, that would be fun and interesting for them. :D


  • JodyBPM
    JodyBPM Posts: 1,404 Forumite
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    Beans (runners, french etc)

    Cut and come again lettuce (as long as you don't have too many slugs around!)


    How much space, and what equipment do you have to work with? My DD is 6 and DS is 5, and they are def more interested in things that are quick growing, so that they see the results quickly.

    You could even start off with something really simple like germinating cress in old egg shells!
  • trudiha
    trudiha Posts: 398 Forumite
    edited 10 May 2011 at 10:29AM
    My partner teaches 7 year olds and she has just started a project on growing things with them. I have gleaned the following from her:

    First up, no loo roll middles, the Department of Education have decided, in their wisdom, that loo roll middles might contain faeces and that primary aged children might eat them and die, so they are a no-no. There are no such rules about second-hand plant pot, they can, apparently, be eaten with impunity.

    Next, small kids aren't the most patient people in the world and they aren't very good at accepting failure. R is planting rocket and cress in two big trays so that they can see something happening immediately and then giving them each a pot to plant broad beans in. She has planted up five extra pots with 'In Case Of Death' written on them to give out to the kids who's beans don't germinate.
  • clairetelche1
    A bug / worm hunt so you can talk about good / bad pests... http://www.gardeningwithchildren.co.uk/family-zone/things-to-do-this-season/ this is a fab website - have fun! :)
  • LilacPixie
    LilacPixie Posts: 8,052 Forumite
    my oldest is 4. we are growing sweetcorn this year. mini pop. kids are so impatient so get something quick to germinate as well like cress or sprouting seeds so by the next time there is progress
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  • kay+2
    kay+2 Posts: 21 Forumite
    thank you all for your quick replies, all great ideas, and tips, i will get planning now :j
  • freezspirit
    freezspirit Posts: 994 Forumite
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    http://www.digdownsw.co.uk/static/know-and-grow/links might have some links that are useful.
  • morg_monster
    morg_monster Posts: 2,392 Forumite
    I believe you can use loo roll middles if you microwave them all first ;-)
  • Looby_Lou
    Looby_Lou Posts: 372 Forumite
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    DS goes to a cookery and gardening club (he is 5). Each week they plant / harvest different food, then they cook with them. I think they started with garlic and herbs. They also planted some foods with the same name as some of the children in the class. They have also done some more unusual food stuffs like sugar cane and pineapples! I think you will need to cater to the space and facilities that you have, DS is lucky the guy who runs it is the head gardener at the local botanical gardens (his wife is the school cook and runs the cookery club) My eldest also went and he is now a keen gardener, I think that these sorts of clubs are fantastic and the people who run them are unsung heros!
  • Sally_A
    Sally_A Posts: 2,266 Forumite
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    Looby_Lou wrote: »
    They also planted some foods with the same name as some of the children in the class.

    I'm curious, other than Basil or Rosemary, possibly Charlotte potatoes what are parents naming their kiddies these days?? :rotfl:

    The unfortunate thing with school garden clubs is that most of the produce is ready over the school summer holidays.
  • rsj
    rsj Posts: 50 Forumite
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    Butterfly feeders, Bee Hotels, insect hotels, wormery's.
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