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Help for a new & bewildered gardener please.

Me and OH are currently gutting the square of overgrown weed mania behind our flat (it is going to beautiful...it is!), but I got a little carried away at the start of the week when in Wilkinsons and found a whole trolley of poorly neglected plants and baby trees all reduced. (It looks like someone forgot to water them during all the bank holidays, but they're all green and shiny again now after some love and some water)

The 'carried away' comes from me buying £41 worth of plants (for just under £8 so very MSE!), but now I'm not sure which are going to be ok to go out in the garden yet with the odd frosts that we're having. We only live in a 1 bedroomed flat, and all 5 windowsills are currently packed full of plants.

I also have a load of plants growing from seed, which I never expected to actually take off, because they were all out of date seeds that I inherited, and planted purely on a whim a fortnight ago, and now every single seed I planted has produced a chunky little seedling, so they've all been repotted too!

So, the plants I'm wondering if they'll be ok outside from now on are:

An azalea (quite small and chunky, but on the verge of needing to be repotted)
Felicia (already flowered, but seems to have quite a few new buds coming to life)
Margherita (same as above, already has some dead flowers on, but plenty more buds)
Veronica/ Gentianoides (I need to support it with a cane because it's a bit floppy, but aside from that she's looking much better as well)
Trailing Ivy (only quite little at the minute, and I'm not sure how hardy it is)

Will any/all of these be OK going outside? Pretty much everything will be either staying in it's pots, or being replanted into bigger ones. We still have a lot of work to do in the garden, so see little point in planting in the ground, only for them to be getting moved about every week.

My windowsills are already heaving under the strain of seedlings of all sorts: tomatoes, beetroot, lettuce, sunflowers, peppers, herbs, pansies as well as all the others plants from Wilko's that can't go outside til the garden is finished (trailing plants, and violas etc) I don't want them being flattened by piles of rubbish! I tend to learn as I go along, but starting to think that perhaps gardening should take a little more pre-planning than I've given it :o


  • tanith
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    They should all be fine outside... they'll benefit from the rain expected this weekend too..
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  • littlemissmanics
    tanith wrote: »
    They should all be fine outside... they'll benefit from the rain expected this weekend too..

    Thankyou! That shall be my job today then..to find them new homes outside. And hopefully make the flat look a little less like a greenhouse by the time OH gets home!

    Might almost be able to see out of the windows again soon :D
  • rosie383
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    Enjoy it! It's great when you get bitten by the gardening bug!
    And even though you have maybe planted too many, if you are learning, you can afford to have a few casualties along the way.
    Don't forget, if you do just have too, too many, please give them away on freecycle or even sell them on ebay. No point letting them go to waste. there will always be people grateful to take them off your hands.
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    I tend to learn as I go along, but starting to think that perhaps gardening should take a little more pre-planning than I've given it :o

    Welcome to my world. :D

    I sowed loads of seeds with the intention of planting into the raised beds I had, then when the plants were of a size where they could go out....I dismantled all the raised beds as I decided to lay a patio on one bit. :o

    People keep telling me I'm only going to learn by the mistakes I make. :D Thankfully most of my plants seem very forgiving.

    Good luck with your efforts, I'm sure everything will thrive and look lovely when You're done. :)

    Btw, a chap near us puts his extra or unwanted plants out on his hedge with a note saying 'help yourself', he'd much prefer them to grow on elsewhere rather than die just because he has no room for them. Might be worth copying him if you are struggling for space for them all.
    Herman - MP for all! :)
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