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Private parking company tickets



  • Spekllbound...


    Yes really, ignore.

    Yes even though you've written to them...ignore.

    Yes even though they have your name and address....ignore.

    Yes really....ignore.

    Yes even though you've 'appealed'...ignore.

    Yes even though you were 'in the wrong'....ignore.

    Yes...even though you've written in red ink on here....ignore.

    Yes....even though your username begins with an 's' ....ignore.

    Yes...even though you drive a green car...ignore.

    Yes...even though your granny breeds cats...ignore.

    Yes....even though your car is automatic....ignore.

    Yes ...even though you are a Gemini....ignore.
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    Ignore ignore ignore

    and if you feel the need to pay send it to me :d
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