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Replaces garden stones with.....?

Swans1912 Posts: 1,658 Forumite
Hi All,

Our tiny garden is in need of some TLC which includes the actual floor which is currently filled with stones/chipping.

The dog has a wee'd (yuck) on these and with time they have changed colour and look rather nasty now - also water doesn't drain well so doesn't help!

We are trying to think what to replace them with? We need to replace the membrane but what to put on top? Currently thinking is bark but another option is slate?

Any ideas? Any reason why we shouldn't use bark?


  • elsien
    elsien Posts: 32,942 Forumite
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    Cat poo - the next door neighbour is always complaining that the bark chippings are used by all the local mogs as a toilet.
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  • Swans1912
    Swans1912 Posts: 1,658 Forumite
    elsien wrote: »
    Cat poo - the next door neighbour is always complaining that the bark chippings are used by all the local mogs as a toilet.

    Thanks! Bang goes the ideas for using any excess for the front of the house LOL. Thankfully we don't ever get cats in our back garden... having the dog helps :D
  • hollydays
    hollydays Posts: 19,812 Forumite
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    I don't know if this will go far enough to solve the problem,but,could you try pouring a strong bleach solution over them.I do this with grubby paths.
  • splodger_seedswapper
    to be honest - i would be more concerned about why water didn't drain away that well - rather than the colour of the stones.

    is your dog a female? if so, by addng a spoonful of tomato juice to the food each day - helps to neutralise the strength of the pee (girl dogs usually stain grass etc) and tom juice somehow stops this ;)
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  • miltonskeen
    Plum slate would look nice but isn't cheap. Also the membrane may be blokes as it should allow water to drain through. I suspect that the stones are discoloured and look unpleasant is that they are sat in stagnant water?
  • liam8282
    liam8282 Posts: 2,864 Forumite
    I have bark in my garden and do not have a problem at all with cats using it as a toilet. There are several cats in my area, but they just don't use my garden. I actually think the smell of fresh bark must deter the cats a bit?

    The only thing with bark is you need to top up it over time, I usually do this every year. In fact just did it last week.

    I don't have any membrane or anything under it, just direct on top of soil. I don't have a problem with weeds or anything coming through either, if any rogue weeds do get through the bark I simply pull them out.
  • rabidbun
    rabidbun Posts: 321 Forumite
    I have at least four using the bark in my front garden as a toilet. They have also moved on to the hardcore under my gravel drive when it got full, so at least here it's an attractant. :(

    I'd go for crazy paving using any broken patio slabs you can get hold of cheaply or the slate option myself.
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