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moving shrubs

ERICS_MUM Posts: 3,579 Forumite
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I've got 2 shrubs in the "wrong place" and would like some advice on moving them.

One is an evergreen - euonymous, and the other is weigela which has been growing for a couple of weeks and has quite a lot of leaves.

So, am I too late to move them this season now they are growing or is it best to do them now while the weather is cooler ? I want to move the weigela from a shady spot to a sunnier border, would that cause any probs ?



  • splodger_seedswapper
    moving shrubs now would really depend on how big they are and how much root you can dig up - without damaging it

    if they are smallish in size - and can get the whole root ball out - without disturbing the roots too much - then, as long as you keep them watered for the next few weeks - they should transplant ok without too much of a problem

    if you have to chop into the roots to get them out - then they will suffer for it

    if they have been in the ground for a few years - the best thing to do is clear the area at the base of the shrubs - and with a fork, start to lift the soil about 3ft away from the stem (going all the way around) if you can't feel any of the roots - reduce the size of the circle that you are forking, until you start to feel the roots that are closest to the soil surface. By doing this you judge for yourself if you would be able to lift the whole rootball out or not in one go - the larger the root circle - they harder it will be to lift (so you are better off moving in autumn if too big for you to manage now)
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  • J_J_Carter
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    Large shrubs need to be done over two years. 1st year dig trench around, severing roots if needed, then fill in with a good compost to encourage new feeder roots. 2nd year lift and transplant to new location.
  • Mojisola
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    It is a case of "it all depends". If the plants are big, the chances of success are less. If you aren't able to mollycoddle them in the next few weeks, the chances of success are less.

    However, if you need to move them and they aren't of great sentimental value, I would take a chance. If they do fail, you can always replace them.

    Follow splodger's advice and in addition - fill the hole the plants will go into with water and let it drain away before replanting so that the roots go into a moist environment; prune out some of the weigela's stems to reduce transpiration - you'll lose some flowers this year but it will increase the chances of it surviving; water well - not a sprinkling on the surface but enough to keep the roots moist; if it stays sunny, drape some horticultural fleece over the plants to create a moist microclimate around the plant - you can spray the fleece to moisten it if it gets really warm.
    ERICS_MUM Posts: 3,579 Forumite
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    Thanks for that, very useful. :T :T

    I'm going to have a go - they are both less than a foot wide, the euonymous nearly two feet high but I can prune it down a bit. I must make sure I keep them well watered afterwards, I tend to neglect my well-established plants (need to stick a reminder post-it on the fridge !).
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