Think my auction has been wrecked

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Someone with 0 feedback has bid on my auction and cos its for more money than other things the same are selling for, i think its someone who just wants to wreck it for me. why do people do this? i have got thousands of pounds of debt still to pay off and if i buy something legally for a cheap price and then sell it for a profit, why is that wrong??!!

mrs teb is in tears.

hope everyone further up the boards who deliberately sign up to eBay to do this are pleased with themselves. will you all help me pay my debt????!!!!!!


  • lellielellie Forumite
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    you will be able to relist it for free if they don't pay. Don't panic about it just yet.
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    what? how do you know its someone who wants to wreck it for you?
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  • teb_2teb_2 Forumite
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    Need the money though. relisting means more time.
  • Has it even finished yet? If not, don't worry.

    If you're that twitchy about the bidder, cancel their bid and block them. But remember, we all had to start somewhere... and obviously your item price will drop.

    And what makes you think that people on the boards are doing this?
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    Edit: refunded £515 for TV 1.5 years out of warranty - thank you Sale of Goods Act! :j
  • teb_2teb_2 Forumite
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    should i try to contact them? what would i ask? they might just lie anyway if they are not genuine.

    its gonna finish in the morning and the amount already is too high. the same thing is cheaper from other sellers using BIN so why did they bid so high on mine?? even new ebayers are not that daft.

    i've read some people on here saying they had signed up to do this kind of thing when they miss out on a good grabbit and they see people selling them on ebay. i'm not a trader, i dont buy loads of anything, if we see a good grabbit, i buy one and mrs teb buys one if she can. most things are for us but sometimes we try to put more towards our debt and will sell the thing on ebay instead. some people dont like that.
  • teb_2teb_2 Forumite
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    And what makes you think that people on the boards are doing this?

    i didnt say i thought it was someone here doing it to me just now. i've read posts before from people who have said they have done this cos they didnt get something and they were annoyed people were selling them on ebay.

    i'm upset because anybody does this. its not fair.
  • Cancel them and block. No worries. You have other bidders, right?
    My TV is broken! :cry:
    Edit: refunded £515 for TV 1.5 years out of warranty - thank you Sale of Goods Act! :j
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    I've sold things that have gone higher than the BIN price; to be honest I panicked at the time as well.

    Just wait and see if they pay; make sure you send them an invoice as soon as the auction finishes (even though they will receive notification from eBay anyway) and you could always ask them a question e.g. how they are going to pay to see if you get a response. That way you should get a feel for what is going on pretty quickly.

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  • Don't panic yet! I've had loads of newbie buyers recently and all have been successful transactions. If you're really worried simply cancel their bid.

    Good luck and I hope it all goes well.

    Loopy x
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    I agree - dont panic.
    Seems to be lots of newbies with no idea at the moment.
    I have been trying to buy something that is always listed as a BIN and some as just auctions.... I wanted it cheaper than the BIN so was bidding on the auctions and numerous times the item sold for more than the BIN price...... I dont understand why people do it but they may not know any better.
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