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pet insurance

dont know if this is the correct board.


anyway we currently have our dog insured with E&L and in the 6 years we have had the insurance we have only claimed once, last year for an op to remove a growth (non cancerous and to sort an ear infection).

however we pay about £15 a month for this insurance. is this good or bad? are there any other cheaper options? bearing in mind his breed (staffy) and the fact that he is a clumsy wotsit at times/mad as a hatter.

does anyone have any suggestions?
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  • Personally, I have two dogs and dont pay pet insurance.
    It is all about whether you are prepared to take a risk on them needing an expensive operation.
    My one dog is 12 , the other is 2.
    I spend about £100 a year on vet bills.
  • AnthillmobAnthillmob Forumite
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    we want some form of insurance. he can be very clumsy at times and i now dont want to run the risk of sods law as in cancel it altogether and then he gets ill or has an accident. IYKWIM.

    also if we do switch am i right in thinking that he wouldnt be covered on the leg that was operated on and also what about his ear?
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    I am pretty sure that if your pet has has a condition another company will not cover your pet for that problem.

    There might be cheaper companies, but for me, as my dog is getting older and we have claimed a few times, I am now paying about £17 for a Jack Russell.
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  • Hi anthillmob

    I used to have my Labrador insured with petplan but switched to Marks and Spencer.

    Twice the cover nil excess by choice only £10 more on annual premium, and almost half the cost of petplan.

    Details HERE

    I got so recommend a friend type things with my policy which I gives a £10 discount. PM if you want one
    I have a cunning plan!
    Proud to be dealing with my debts.

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