Ebay question: When to post it?

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I sold something on Ebay last Wednesday. The buyer paid immediately into my paypal account.
The buyer doesn't have a lot of feedback (22 all positive but the last one is more than 6 months ago).
As it's a fairly expensive item we sold (about £400), I like to be extra cautious and decided to wait posting the item until the transfer from paypal to my bank account is complete.
The buyer is now saying he expects the item this week (even though he only paid for the slow shipping which alone can take 5 working days according to Royal Mail) as it's for his wife's birthday on Saturday.
The bank transfer from Paypal hasn't arrived in my account yet. Should I send the item now (while the transfer is still in progress) or should I wait until I really have the money in my hands)?
I don't want to get negative feedback for this!


  • Forget the money going into your bank account. You need to be checking:

    Is the buyer's address confirmed by paypal?
    Do you qualify for seller protection?
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    How are you going to ship the item, I would only use Special Delivery for that kind of value to cover yourself.
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  • Have you called the buyer.

    If I was the buyer you would be well on the way to receiving a NEG. You can not sit on an item waiting for it to reach your account.

    As stated its either Special Delivery or courier.

    Stop messing around contact buyer at his address via 192.com and get it posted pronto!!
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    The buyer can still do a chareback whether the money has gone into your bank account or not - your paypal account would just go into a minus. I think that's right.

    Because you waited I would send the item on a quicker delivery at my own expense if I were you - that's if you want to avoid a neg.
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    If you ship later than day 7 after payment *you* lose any seller protection anyway. All goods must be shipped within 7 days.

    Also like the others have said, make sure you send it fully insured, ask specifically at the post office about how much cover you need against loss in the post.
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    Good advice so far. Definitely send it Special Delivery, especially if it's under 2kg (if it's heavier SD is outrageously expensive). SD includes insurance up to £500 and ensures the item gets there next working day, and it's trackable so you're fully covered should it go astray in the post.
    Encourage the buyer to pay the extra for SD if you can, explaining to him that you can't guarantee speedy delivery otherwise, and RM Standard Parcels often takes a week or more.
    EBay ought to be more specific about what is meant by "cleared payment": some expect this to mean when Paypal funds arrive in their bank account, but eBay and most customers think "cleared" means into your Paypal account, and expect you to post within a week at most.
  • Yes, I understand your caution but unless you have clearly stated in the auction that you will delay shipping until the the funds have cleared into your account you should have posted the item by now!
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    the ball is in your court.... but the buyer holds the cards......
    ie they have paid into your paypal account, you must send the item....... asap
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