Care homes - how save money & give more to grandkids?


I wonder if you can tell me a bit about UK care home costs (and money saving!), eg.

1. Is there council help for paying for them?
2. Is that means tested?
3. What is the threshold (approx) of personal savings before you must completely self-finance?
4. What happens if you self-finance then use up all your money - do you get kicked out and the local council has to put you into one of their care homes?
5. Should she start paying her grandkids their inheritance now (e.g. into their child-trust funds)?

Background: My mum sold her house in Canada and moved back to the UK so that she can be near her grandkids. She rents her accommodation. She brought over the proceeds of her house sale to the UK and plunked it into Natwest's eSaver account.

She would like her money to go, mainly, to her grandkids. She has had a solicitor draw up a UK will stating how she wants her estate divided.

However, she is in failing health and may soon need a care home (I cannot care for her as I have 2 very young kids - her grandkids!).

I don't know anything about the facilities in the UK as I moved to the UK just in 2001 (I'm dual Canadian / British citizen).

Thanks for any hints & references.


  • Biggles
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    Broadly, 1 and 2 are Yes, 3 is £21,000.

    But in answer to 5, she will need to start moving her money before there is any suggestion she moves to a care home, or it will certainly be regarded as deliberate 'deprivation of assets' and she would have to self-fund anyway (and I understand the money can be recovered from the recipients via the courts).
  • EdInvestor
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    THis thread leads to lots of useful information:
    Trying to keep it simple...;)
  • As Edinvestor says this topic has been covered before search Care home costs
    In our village 4 old people have died recently.
    1. died 89 at home
    2. died 92 at home
    3. died after one month in nursing care and 3 days in hospital aged 95
    4. died after 2 days in hospital aged 94
    You need to be aware that MOST people don't go into care homes at all.
    Once in a NURSING care home most people survive less than six months.
    While I'm not against people making prudent financial planning to reduce the impact of inheritance tax I do think that the panic over care home fees doesn't apply to the vast majority of the population.

    If you want to keep out of a Nursing Care home yourself or keep an elderly relative from being admitted to one the most important thing you can do is to improve Vitamin D status this means getting outside into the sunshine whenever possible during the summer and using the right type of vitamin d supplement in the winter. The case against ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) as a vitamin ... shows why the form most often prescribed of vitamin d is useless for older people. Cholecalciferol Vitamin d3 does not have those problems and Can be obtained in effective strengths from links here

    NHS NURSING CARE responsibiities

    Commission for Social Care Inspection
    Making social care better for people
    My weight loss following Doktor Dahlqvist' Dietary Program
    Start 23rd Jan 2008 14st 9lbs Current 10st 12lbs
  • Biggles
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    As Edinvestor says this topic has been covered before seePrevious threads
    Trouble with old threads is that they're made up largely of links, most of which no longer work :-(

    Once in a NURSING care home most people survive less than six months.
    Most? So, over 50%, then? In that case, the remaining <49% must go on almost for ever! ;-)

    According to NHFA when submitting a quote for a care fees plan, women of my mother's age (89) will on average survive in excess of 4 further years. In view of the fact her parents both made it to the mid-90s, I find that perfectly believable.
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