Home Insurance claim for

garden fences and gate is it worth it?????

The delightful wind has blown down my back fence and blown off my already damaged back gate, so now my back yard is open for all the evil yobs to enter and cause havoc.

Is it worth making a claim on my home insurance or will it end up costing too much to be worth it and will it make my premiums go up??

Im thinking would only cost about £300 for posts, panels and gate?

Help/suggestions please
I need to start saving so I plan to save £2 a week to start with:beer:


  • ormusormus Forumite
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    check your policy first. most home insurance policies do not cover garden items, inc fences etc...
    i think those items can be added as an extra.
    Get some gorm.
  • 27col27col Forumite
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    Fences are not normally covered but brick walls are.
    I can afford anything that I want.
    Just so long as I don't want much.
  • phill99phill99 Forumite
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    Ormus is right - not all policies include this as standard.

    I'm guessing your excess is £50 - £100.
    You premiums won't go up by £200.

    You need to remember that the £300 isn't the full cost. Assuming you are covered, it will be done by a fencing contractor, so allow for waste disposal, labour and ancillaries. Its probably more like a £700 claim.

    If you can get it all done for just the excess then it may be worth it.
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