Hot Roast/Buffets - numbers?

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I am having a hot roast for our wedding in September and plan to have a buffet along side but am unsure of numbers.

We expect approx 100 people & 20 odd kids so we were thinking that doing a buffet for 50 people and hog for 100-150 people - do you think that this will be enough??

Also we are having a meeting with the chef at our venue to let him know what we want for a buffet - what is there normally or what would be deemed acceptable in terms of a buffet?

It's a rather informal affair and kind of like an open house so there are people just popping in to join us for a drink.

I would hate to run out of food or have too much left over what do you guys think?



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    that would be tricky to judge because all may want to try the hog but you wont have enough or more might want the buffet, i would(and am!) have the hog for everyone then the baps, stuffing just a couple of salads on the side x
    I am not bossy I just have better ideas:p
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    Personally I would allow at least 1 hog roast bap per person as this is the "main" part of your catering....and then have some items on the buffet that would suit all tastes as an additional to the hog roast.

    Have you any vegetarians attending?
    if so do you have a hog roast substitute for them.....
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    Thanks, so I'm thinking then that I don't need that much of a buffet then, I have one veggie coming so will make sure that she has something but everyone wants a hog!
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