Getting Married in Gretna Green?

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Hi everyone. I posted this on another forum and was advised by a lovely person to come check out this one, so I hope I'm ok to repost!

Me and my fiance have been engaged for nearly 18 months now and we're starting to think about planning our wedding. We want to have a small (around 30 people) but luxurious wedding and we don't want to spend more than £10,000.

Although we live in England, I'm Scottish and would love for us to get married in Scotland (so would my family!) so I was recently browsing and came across this website offering package deals. It looks good, in particular the executive one, but I'm wondering whether or not I'm being naive by thinking a deal that covers everything is a good idea?

Has anyone used a similar package for their wedding? I'm a bit of a control freak so I'd like to make sure I can still liaise with the planner over the little details but from the website it all looks lovely to me.

Furthermore, I reeally wanna know what people think of Gretna Green? Is there any kind of stigma associated with the place?

I know it was once where people eloped to but nowadays it seems like all sorts of weddings take place there. My fiance thinks it's romantic but I do worry what people think (I know I shouldn't!) and hope its not actually some tacky Las Vegas esque place.

Thanks in advance for any comments. Just looking for some advice/opinions/experiences really :) I will definitely go and visit the place and talk to my family about it if I get serious about the idea but this seemed like a good place to get some initial thoughts!


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    Welcome aboard :) I'm sure there's been Gretna threads on here before now so somebody will be bound to come along with some ideas. When are you thinking of getting married? Only asking as you also need to tie in giving notice of intent where you live. I'm living and marrying in Cheshire but as I'm living in East but marrying in West I had to give notice in a different area. You can't do that more than a year before your wedding, but the registrar where you get married may have different booking times (and I know things are slightly different in Scotland anyway)
    You have a great budget with £10000 to play with so you'll have a lot of options whereever you end up :)
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    Gretna Green is so geared for weddings that you can sort it all out yourself and save some money. With the packages you pay a premium for the co-ordination. For example we would've been charge an extra £500 for Chrichton Church, but found out it would be £270, if we booked it ourselves.

    We looked at Gretna Green, but decided on getting married at Dumfries at Friars Carse. I suggest that you go up for weekend and have a look round. That we you can meet suppliers and have an idea about what is will be like.

    We liked Easterbrook Hall, which has a beautiful church There is also a pretty parish church in Gretna

    Another venue is Comlongon Castle, which is geared to wedding and does packages It is lovely, although we found the packages a little prescriptive.
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