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ESA medical - pleasantly surprised!

Had my ESA medical today - first face to face dealings with DWP since my DLA appeal 9 years ago (I've been working up till 7 months ago, but have finally bowed to the inevitable).

Anyway - I had a *real* doctor. He was very nice indeed; asked me general questions about how my condition (RA) affects me, asked a few questions about mobility and help I need at home. He then examined my hands and asked me to raise my arms. Then he said it was pointless putting me through any further tests, as I was obviously severely affected. I'll get my letter in a couple of weeks, but - and he shouldn't tell me this - he said I'll definitely stay in the benefit.

I expressed my surprise and relief, and told him I'd heard many horror stories. He then talked about how incapacity benefit was flawed; many people stayed in it for too long, but it wasn't their fault - it was the system's. He also said he thinks ESA has gone too far the other way.

I was in his office for about ten minutes.

To say I'm amazed would be an understatement!
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  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Glad it well for you, nice to hear a positive story
  • dmg24dmg24
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    A good lesson - don't listen to scaremongering!
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  • Markoo_2Markoo_2 Forumite
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    when you say a real doctor what do you mean? was this not done by atos?
  • daskadaska Forumite
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    Markoo wrote: »
    when you say a real doctor what do you mean? was this not done by atos?


    I had a 'real' doctor as well, he was the one who lied so badly that he didn't spot when he contradicted himself. e.g. "said she wouldn't work even if she could" v. "is currently working for 2 hours a week". Personally I subscribe to the view that the only doctors prepared to work for ATOS are those who won't be tolerated working elsewhere.
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  • Markoo wrote: »
    when you say a real doctor what do you mean? was this not done by atos?

    I mean a doctor, rather than another "health professional". And I do know about lying doctors; the reason I had to appeal my DLA years ago was because the doctor lied. This time,it see
    s I got a decent one. I'm not saying anyone else will.
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  • KxMxKxMx Forumite
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    Yep like the "dr" that ignored my continence issues (despire diagnosis, meds, info on form and our whole discussion about it) and who witnessed me as fine on stairs, when the center is quite flat without a single step.

    OP, it really is good to hear a good outcome :)
  • Thanks for sharing your positive experience. Often we hear about the negative experiences and when I read them I get quite worried. It's good to hear that some people have good experiences and that not all ATOS end up writing a report that doesn't resemble the person in front of them.
  • there are some good eggs that do these interviews. i got one for my dla medical, he didnt push when he knew id reached my limit and even offerred helpful advice. he then picked up my post for me and showed himself out. i may have turned blue when he asked me to walk though so he sat me back down really fast.

    i got an it indefinitly HRM and MRc
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