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Lost tribunal appeal

I've been on lower rate of DLA and income support since i was 16, i'm 20 now. I suffer with social anxiety, agoraphobia, depression and panic attacks.
I've just had a letter stating that my income support has been stopped and that I've been fit for work since March last year. :(

I'm unable to leave the house alone, i'm currently being supported by an Occupational Therapist who takes me out once a week.
I don't feel like i could cope with work right now, and the very thought of it makes me feel suicidal.

I've got a letter from my GP stating my medical records since March of last year to appeal to the upper tribunal. Am I most likely going to fail it again?:(


  • snookeysnookey Forumite
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    You wont know unless you try. Do you have a psychiatrist and if not ask the gp to refer you. Also you need to get some support to fight your corner such as Mind. Give them a ring and if you feel that you cannot do that get the ot to on your behalf.
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