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Staking help for plants

Hi All

My seedlings are growing nicely, and a lot of them are reaching a good size.

However they are now struggling to support there own weight. I still have to transfer them to their final containers as they are now that big.

My question is, should I start to stake them now, i.e put in a wooden stick and carefully tie them to the stick for support, or should they be self supporting at this stage ?

Pics below , they are tomatoes by the way.


Sorry for the rotation - dont know why imageshack has done this !




  • [Deleted User]
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    They need to be a lot deeper in the soil. Re pot them and make sure they get lots of light and some gentle wind on a warm day or stroke them gently as the movement makes the stems stronger
  • sirbrainy
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    Yes, they are very leggy. Fortunately tomatoes will form form roots from the stem if you bury it a couple of cms deeper as Kittie suggests. This will make the plants sturdier.
  • misskool
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    Plant deeper and yes you will need to stake them if they are indeterminate tomatoes. What variety are they?

    If they were mine, they would go into their next pot size (not the final pots) and much deeper to grow on. If the weather is good outside during the day, they'd go out and come back inside for night.
  • Sambucus_Nigra
    Sambucus_Nigra Posts: 8,669 Forumite
    I prefer to grow mine harder and a fair amount are already living night and day in the unheated greenhouse and have been for 3 weeks. They take off naturally once the weather warms up...

    I'd get those into as deep pots as I could at this stage, and have soil up to the first leaves.
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  • ixwood
    ixwood Posts: 2,550 Forumite
    I agree. Bury them right up to the leaves and give them as much light as possible.
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