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Have I killed my chitting new taties?!

I had 8 seed potatoes of both Rocket and Charlotte sitting on my window sill in egg boxes chitting and was feeling very pleased with myself until after a few days the shoots have just gone black and look rather iffy...Is that it. have they had it?they have all gone the same :(

any help appreciated!


  • r.a.i.n.b.o.w
    Mine have been sitting there for about 6 weeks now, and haven't got any shoots at all! Just some black bud-like fluffy things. :(
  • smithyjules
    rainbow...perhaps we are cultivating a new variety!Here's hoping anyway!
  • sirbrainy
    sirbrainy Posts: 2,749 Forumite
    Spuds are pretty tough
  • annie123
    annie123 Posts: 4,256 Forumite
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    There is a good photo of what they should look like on the above link.
    Yes you could say that they start off a black looking when they come through and don't worry if they seeds wrinkle up, that's normal.
  • Sally_A
    Sally_A Posts: 2,266 Forumite
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    If my chitters were leggy and bright green I'd be worried.

    Just had a quick look-see, the base of the chit is very dark purple, and quite sturdy, new growth is greenish. They've been chitting for about a month now, and no chit is bigger than 1cm, if that.
  • RAS
    RAS Posts: 32,828 Forumite
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    Different varieities of potatoes grow shoots with different colours, just like some have white flowers and some dark purple.

    The shoots can be very pale cream, green, pink, blue, purple or such dark blue or purple the appear almost black.


    Any chance that your tatties have been exposed to sub-zero tempratures in the last few days? That would turn them black, but they should re-grow.
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  • toni_
    toni_ Posts: 1,240 Forumite
    they sound normal to me, mine have been chitting for 3 weeks and have plenty of dark purple sprouts growing from them :) i wouldnt worry hun
  • smithyjules
    Thanks for the replies...I am much less worried now!
    They now have sort of pale greenish parts so I'm guessing that means life!

    RAS - They shouldn't have been in the cold, they are on my kitchen window sill which is sunny and warm (well as warm as poss in Feb). In fact I think they may have been kept quite snug as I caught my cat snuggled up on top of them this afternoon :eek:.It was really mild here this afternoon and he was sunning himself...or maybe 'nesting'.

    Gives a whole new meaning to 'hot potato'!
  • ukbill69
    ukbill69 Posts: 2,789 Forumite
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    dark purple/green is normal.
    Kind Regards
  • aeb_2
    aeb_2 Posts: 556 Forumite

    I don't think they are dead, mine haven't moved at all yet.

    I was surprised to read the other day that the 'chits' can be rubbed/knocked off and will regrow EIGHT times before the potato finally give up!

    aims for 2014 - grow more fruit and veg, declutter
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