full & final now or later?

Hi all,

Just looking down the line.

I may soon have a lump sum to nearly pay off all my debt. I am making reduced payments with interest and charges stopped.

My debts are only 1 year old.

Shall I try and F&F settle now or, as i'm on zero interest, carry on with my payments and settle later?

Hopefully, by carrying on with my payments, I am chipping away at the debt, earning interest on my lump sum and the debts are getting older so I stand a better chance of making lower F&Finals.

What do you guys think?


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    If interest and charges are stopped, i would wait a bit longer. Possibly when they ask to review your payments would be a good time to make an offer. It may depend on how long it will take you to clear the debts at the current repayment level and how long it would take them to recoup the amount you are going to offer.
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  • Hi,

    Thanks. I may as well use the 'interest free' period.

    Anyone else? Anyone actually doing/done this?
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