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I had a catalogue with Simply Be years ago and the last payment I made was 2009. I thought everything was clear with it as I did not hear from them again and I updated my address with them whenever I moved. THe today I received a letter from Fredrickson International Ltd saying I owe £1286.12. I rang them and have agreed to pay £50 a month to placate them and have just rung Simply Be to find out what is going on.

All they would say was that I hadn't maintained the account, they had been trying to trace me and they no longer owned the account. I told them I was going to send them a SAR to get the statements etc from them as I obviously never recevied them and had to explain to their staff what it was.

Now as they are in breach of Data Protection 1998 am I liable to pay anything until I have written statements proving I owe them the debt? Or do I have to pay anytihng if the account is in dispute? Going to claim back the £1000 worth of charges from them anyways

Any advice needed (and congrats for getting to the end, hope it made sense)

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