compensation for id theft caused by bank?

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found out recently that our neighbours who had moved into our old property had been using my partners name to order over£2k of catalogue goods..from various catalogues

we only found out because the postman recognised our names and posted the debt recovery letters through our door

we found that they had obtained my partners date of birth from his facebook info page, but we were still baffled as to how they had obained his full name...

we've since found that his bank had been sending duplicate bank statements to our old address - as well as our new address!! two identical statements - it's unbelievable !! - so our neighbours now know how much he has in his account, his account numbers, and dob !!

we want compensation from the bank for all the hassle this has caused - what kind of compensation would a bank pay for this kind of error?


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    Quite frankly, if you are stupid enough to put sensitive information such as you date of birth on facebook, you deserve to be ripped of.

    No you will not get any compensation from the bank, but may try suing the neighbours.

    Have you reported them to the police?
  • that's a bit harsh! - but yes, I agree that my partner was quite naive & stupid to put sensitive information like that on fb - the police have said that it's indirect fraud and whilst it may have an impact on my partners credit rating it's not an arrestable offence

    but I do think it's completely unacceptable for the bank to be sending duplicate bank statemements out to two addresses
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    I don't see what that has to do with bank statements to be honest. They don't print your DOB on the statement. All they print is the address, which they know as you are neighbours supposedly, and the account number and sortcode. I don't see how a bank statement being sent to a wrong address can cause ID fraud in this case.
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  • see where you're coming from - I guess the fact that they had his full name may have something to do with it - the only correspondance that has his full name (including 3 middle initials) is his bank statements - his full name was used on every catalogue they ripped off! locally he is known by his nickname. His full name wasn't on face book either...
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    I agree with ILW, I really think this should be reported to the police. At the end of the day they can't enforce the debt due to it being fraudulent, so I would suggest he writes to the catalgoues, and request that anything on his credit file is removed in relation to the matter.
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  • His bank offered £250 compensation in the end for sending the duplicate statements and gave him a 5% interest account (santander)

    we do have a crime number and are dealing with each company / and the credit files
  • he saw his bank manager & was given £250 compensation from the bank and a 5% interest account.
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