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I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice on claiming back unpaid wages from a nursing agency?

The dates when I worked as a qualified nurse for them are from 2006 – 2008.

During my last months there the accounts department informed me they were missing about 10 timesheets for shifts that I’d attended totalling approximately £1200, and as a result I had not been paid for them. (In all I’d worked full time for them for 3 years, that’s about 300 timesheets).

So I re-entered my timesheets for the shifts and was told to wait until Social Services paid the agency for my work and then the agency would pay me (since some of the timesheets were for work over 2 years previous).

I heard nothing for a long time so I asked their accounts to send me a copy of the shifts I was ‘missing’ for my records. I still have this copy thankfully and it details dates, times, amount owing, employee number etc.

It’s now over 2 years later and I’ve still heard nothing. Why didn’t I chase it up earlier? I don’t know :( Why didn’t I know I’d not been paid in the first place? I don’t know :(

They can’t seem to find my old timesheets. I’m not surprised - they just used to be put in a pile in a basket in the shop front – anyone has access to them and they didn’t look particularly secure in there. One other agency member I know of also had the same problem of non-payment…. maybe timesheets were dropped on the floor, never to be seen again…..

I am about to write to the agency requesting payment. If required I will complete my timesheets again. However, I have a feeling they will either stall or say “Time is up; Social Services will not pay us for such out-of-date claims”.

I’m prepared to go to the small claims court but wish to go through the correct procedure first and find out if I have a leg to stand on before paying to make a claim.

In essence I would like to be prepared before piling in; would anybody be able to advise me on the legality of such a stance by the agency? I did the work for them so should I have to wait for Social Services to pay them first? Can I expect some form of funky shoulder-dropping in their responsibilities and feed me a load of jargon? Will I get “Not-a-hope-in-hell” letter from their lawyers? Should I just give it up as my loss and move on?

I’m very grateful for any and all help in response.

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