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Can anyone help?

Took out a Halifax Home plan back in 1997. It is only just recently that I've looked into my investment and discovered that the plan has less in (approx £500) less that what I actually paid into it. I've now closed the plan and used the settlement to overpay my mortgage, which has reduced my mortgage payments a fair bit (I took on a repayment mortgage 4 year ago and do not have to rely on the home plan). Just wondering, do I have any recourse with the Halifax on this?



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    Just wondering, do I have any recourse with the Halifax on this?

    Not on the reasons you have given. Typically you would expect a 25 year plan to break even around year 9-14. So, you were were within that band. Plus, as you say you no longer used it for the purpose intended.

    Most endowments are timebarred from complaint now (you have 3 years from being notified of a risk of shortfall). Most plans met that criteria back in 2007-8. However, a shortfall or potential shortfall mid term is not grounds for complaint. So, what would your complaint reason be?
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