Whats going on at boiler juice oil prices?

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Hello all,

I thought the whole idea of boiler juice site was to save us money. Priced 500 litres came up at £322, local quotes are £271 and £269. North west area.

Wonder what is going on here?


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    Are the companies with the cheaper quotes on the boilerjuice list?
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  • Noticed that before xmas, Carlise fuels were nearly £20 cheaper direct than via boilerjuice
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    Noticed that before xmas, Carlise fuels were nearly £20 cheaper direct than via boilerjuice

    I've never ordered through boiler juice for that reason. Always seem to be a bit dearer than other companies, although only by a couple of pounds. Anyway, any quote I give to maxol, they have ALWAYS matched. Ive ordered with maxol now the last 4 or 5 times in a row.

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    Boilerjuice ios no longer an independent company, try http://www.cheapestoil.co.uk/Heating-Oil-NI.aspx
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    I have had it with boilerjuice! Never again will I order from them, we ordered 6 weeks ago and still no delivery - we got in when the price was low, and now they are only supplying to those who are paying the top [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] prices. [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] Both me and my son have run out a week ago, we told them - made no difference. They want us to cancel now as we ordered at a low price and they want us to pay twice as much!

    Where else can we go [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] ( Petersfield in Hants area.? ) Need oil fast, now putting diesel oil in to keep the boiler going, not good but we have no choice. My view - dont buy from boilerjuice!
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    I used to buy from maxol as they price matched and delivered via the front door .
    The last time I phoned them they refused to price match ,I ordered from Bangor fuels ,then the next order was eastside fuels . Have you tried cheapest oil
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  • I agree! I had previously used boiler juice for maybe last 3/4 deliveries as after looking around, they were cheaper, but on my last fill up before Christmas they were a good £20 more than the cheapest one I could find!

    Unless they get their act together, they've definitely lost this customer!
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    I ordered a boiler juice from them, we order it 4 weeks ago and I haven't got it deliver it to my place.. I also got lower price [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]
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    I did use them once and they were the cheapest, but that was in October.
    However the delivery driver had written the amount delivered on the docket. Ususally it would be printed.

    My watchman gauge didn't go up as much as I had thought it would, so I wouldn't do that again.

    I did complain to boilerjuice but they didn't reply. Not sure if there is a legal requirement to stamp the delivery docket or not. If anyone knows, please reply.
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