Wheelchair sports in Dorset

I am having a few problems finding wheelchair sports in Dorset. Let me give you some info. about me before you say anything.

I'm 45, I am not wheelchair bound, but have had numerous ops. on my legs (39 in total) including knee cap removals, but no replacements. My legs are wobbly and I want to play some serious sports in Poole preferably, but willing to travel a bit.

I want to do things like basketball or rugby, maybe even wheelchair races. I don't want to be stuck playing gentle sports as my GP calls it, because I am not that way inclined. I used to play many sports before my legs gave up on me, and listened to my GP and surgeons telling me to be careful and now I am not listening I want to play.

So, are there any sports clubs in Poole or Dorset that do serious sports like those mentioned?


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