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Great 'Biggest Christmas waste of money?' Hunt

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    zekezeke Forumite
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    edited 8 December 2010 at 1:05PM
    jakes-mum wrote: »
    bath gift sets! hate them, they are the most 'i either couldnt be bothered but had to get you something because the 'corporate' people say so, or i have no idea what you like' gifts ever invented!! you can guarantee I get one every year from someone and as someone who only EVER uses the shower (which is well known by all family members due to medical problems!!) i fail to understand what would possess anyone to buy me one?? If you dont know me well enough PLEASE get me nothing!! it means we are not really that close so no gift is necessary!! If you do know me well, i'd really rather get some homemade biscuits s at least i know the sender put some thought into it (and of course its very MSE :D)

    Must admit I do rely on the tedious smellies sets and socks/ pants received at Xmas (when blokes get to a certain age they never get anything remotely exciting) as I refuse to buy them the rest of the year. Should just about eke out the last of the last of the shower gel this time round but have had to cut down to once a week since early November to get there.
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  • I just hate Christmas, can't see the point. My OH sends cards, I don't, haven't bought gifts since 2008, bliss! Don't visit the family because they're too far away, no-one has room for us to stay and the cost of renting a cottage for us and the dog is ridiculous.

    OH is off from Dec 23rd to Jan 4th (his workplace shuts completely), this annoys me as it's not that we've anything to do other than cleaning the house or walking the dog. We'd both prefer him to have extra time off during the spring/summer/autumn.

    I'd much rather celebrate birthdays/anniversaries, something that means something personally. And if anyone's interested my birthday is December 15th and I'll be 21 again!
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  • Cards are a pointless waste of tree! Nobody really reads your handwriting, it's more of a quick check to see who it's from!

    Also buying "nice" spirits and wines for Christmas, the majority of people I know will be too sloshed to tell the difference!

    Ba humbug!!
  • zekezeke Forumite
    461 posts
    Hoping for fair weather- planning to start creosoting the fence Xmas afternoon and jet washing the wheelie bins Boxing Day
    Just because you used to be you think everybody else is, don't you?
  • im not that keen on xmas, the children have all left home, my parents died one on xmas day and the other years later just after. So for the last years we just have a little 3 foot tree which my mum bought me years ago, the lights were on my hubbys tree when he was a child, the decs on the tree were mine or hubbys when we were children, lots of memorys there :) i cant stand the ''smellies'' gifts either would rather people did not bother. We dont buy gifts that are not classed as old fashioned , its amazing how much the nieces and newphews love a puzzle or colouring book with new pencils, there parents get a bit cross though when they spend most of the day playing with these after they have spent a large forutune on the latest must have or computor. We dont buy loads in , or have mega amounts of sweets extra, just a few bits that are enjoyed as we dont buy them all year round either, crackers are a waste of money so dont do them either, ceiling decs dont have any nore plan to, a little ivy over the mirror and a bit of holly nice and simple :) people do look at us as if we are odd but we are happy and in the new year are not going to panic on the how do we pay for it any more lovely :)
  • tifftiff Forumite
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    Gosh, it turned into an anti Christmas thread!

    For me a big waste of money are boxes of crackers that you have with cheese, much better and cheaper to buy the packets and put them in a tin yourself! Also boxes/tins of biscuits.
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    *Louise**Louise* Forumite
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    edited 8 December 2010 at 2:52PM
    :jI have to go against the flow and say I love Christmas :D But then, I have young children so it's all lovely and magical in our house. I have never known a bad Christmas...or one with sulky, ungrateful children (feel sorry for that poster):eek:

    I do agree that crackers are a waste of money though - lot of money for old tat inside and there's a lot of unneccesary food bought that isn't really needed.

    Biggest watse of money for me in the past was those awful Go-Go hamsters that were so popular last year - what a load of rubbish!!! The squeaking drove me crazy and they were a novely for about ...oh...10 minutes...:rotfl:
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  • zekezeke Forumite
    461 posts
    tiff wrote: »
    Gosh, it turned into an anti Christmas thread!

    Excellent! I feel better already! Can't wait for it all to be over and get back to normality.
    Just because you used to be you think everybody else is, don't you?
  • GrespGresp Forumite
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    A simple way to save money on cards is to make them yourself.

    I do photography, so I have several good, Christmassy photos which I make into cards.

    But you could just as easily draw cards yourself, or get creative with coloured paper/card, etc.

    5-year old kids do it at school, so why can't you!
  • tifftiff Forumite
    6.6K posts
    Savvy Shopper!
    I actually love Christmas crackers. For me it doesnt matter how cheap and tacky the gift inside is, and I love the silly hats that our Mums make us all wear from the cracker!! I went through a stage of buying quality crackers, but they werent that great considering the cost. MIL bought crackers that you could put your own gift inside, but when her DIL's are wearing Aveda lipstick at £20? a time that worked out expensive.

    Now I just buy the cheap crackers, and surprisingly no-one has noticed!
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
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