Nearly Mortgage Free but still along way to go...


I have been reading this forum for a long time....the posts have been really useful. Let me tell you my story...

We have been working towards being MF for the last 3 years and by early next year we will have done it :j I am so pleased!

However thats not where things end....unfortunately we are not happy with our house (well more with the neighbours) so we know we need to move. I am getting really worried about moving (e.g. selling our house) and also whether we will find what we are looking for (I feel like I spend all my time on rightmove at the moment and I am not finding much!). We know we will need to go and get a mortgage again which we don't have an issue with as we intend to pay that off as we have done with this one; its just the whole moving thing that is worrying me.

The house where we are living in at the moment is really getting me down and I just wish we could go and move asap....but I am expecting so we will have to wait until the little one is here and we get settled with her before we can even start to look.

To add to this my husband is having to do a job he doesn't enjoy as we need to save the money for the house move so this is adding extra pressure....I think we just feel disappointed because if we liked the house we were living in we would be all done and could start enjoying ourselves!!

Life is never simple...


  • Just wanted to say it WILL get better - being pregnant is a stressful time anyway and hormones can make you feel worse, I certainly did.

    I was desperate to move when pregnant with DD1 and when she was first born I was dreadfully 'home sick' I don't live in the same city as most of my friends or family but now I LOVE our house even if it is a creaky old mess.

    I'm so sorry that you don't feel happy where you are, I know what it feels like and it's not nice. But well done you on almost clearing the mortgage that is such an achievement and you will be in such a better position in your next move.

    I'll be following your diary, best wishes for the baby.
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  • Thank you for the reply sarahevie I really appreciate it. Your positive words have cheered me up.

    I am going to try and not go on rightmove quite so much because it is becoming an obsession and I like I said we can't move until the little one is here. I will focus on all things Christmas and baby and that should occupy me for awhile!! In fact I have just written all my Christmas cards.

    I also think your right it could be my hormones as well!
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    Hi Crazysaving,

    I know what it's like living in a house you don't like :( again due to neighbours.

    What I found helped me was making the things I *could* control the best they can be, I couldn't do anything about the neighbours but I could make my bedroom warm and cosy IYSWIM?

    It's very hard when you have emotionally detached yourself from a property to enjoy living there- I do feel for you!

    And fab news on being MF, even if it is for a short time it's a great achievement :T
    Saving for an early retirement!
  • Thanks Imelda. I know exactly what you mean....I am trying to make the best of the house esp. the kitchen which is fab; I am spending lots of time cooking and baking! I am going to try and keep positive and remember all the things I do have to be happy and grateful for.
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    Well done on what you have achieved so far. Things do seem much worse when pregnant. I hope that you do find the right house in time and the moving process is as smooth as it can be.
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  • Good luck with everything, New Year, New start :)
  • I just thought I would post an update. I am now on maternity waiting for baby to arrive :-)

    The house is still annoying and we really wish we could move but it is not going to happen for at least a year because we are saving moving costs e.g stamp duty. However knowing that we are almost there with the mortgage is a fantastic feeling and we have made the house as comfortable as possible. The nursery is looking fantastic which I am really pleased about.
  • I have not posted for a long time as been busy with the little one; she is amazing and I am loving being a Mummy so much :-)

    Good news my husband just secured a new job doing what he enjoys; it does involve a long commute but he is ok with that. I am really pleased for him. The job came out of the blue so it is true that good things do happen when you least expect it.

    We now have 6 months to go until we can start house hunting...can't wait!! I know house hunting will be another journey e.g. selling our current house, finding a new house but I am trying not to worry about that too much at the moment. Just need to keep focused to make sure we have saved enough money. I am trying to have as many no spend days as possible....I must admit I find it much easier doing this while I am on maternity temptations of coffee's and chocolate at work and no shops to avoid on the way home!! I am going to start doing a budget for Christmas and some Birthdays we have coming up.
  • I think tomorrow I am going to re-look over our expenditure to see if there is anything we can cut back on/get a better deal for as I haven't done this for awhile. I think we may be paying too much for our house insurance.
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    It is a long time since I posted on here so I thought I would given an update. The mortgage is now paid off and we have saved enough to move - yipee!! However we have decided to delay the move until January for a few reasons:
    - We are expecting another little one! It is still early days but I am already excited. It makes sense to stay here where we have no mortgage to pay off and we can relax somewhat
    - Though we have the money to move we thought it would be a good idea to now save some mortgage payments for when we get to the new house so there is not as much pressure.

    It is frustrating to not be able to get the 'For Sale' sign up and start the moving process but we are trying to do the most sensible thing. It makes sense to hang on for awhile and in the long term it will be for the best.
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