Credit Card re-chargfe for Wedding Photos Never Received


I am rather hoping someone on here can clarify something for me, here is the situation:

In February 2008 myself and my then future wife booked a wedding photographer called Harptrees Photography, run by a woman called Janette Edmonds, from Bristol and paid the £375 deposit (£1000 total) on my Capital One Credit Card.

All was well until after our wedding day on 13th March 2010. The photographer went to ground after putting up some of the worst pictures i've ever seen on her website as proofs. No album, no pictures other than those proof, which I can't save, nothing.

Several backwards and forwards letters, time went on and still nothing. Sent one final letter in July 2010 stating that unless I heard I would persue through the courts.

Went through the courts only to find out that she was made bankrupt on the 13th April 2010 (so this would mean that she was already filing for bankruptcy on our wedding day).

Court said no chance as she is backrupt, so then persued through wedding insurance, who also said - tough, it only covers you up to the wedding day.

Last port of call was a Section 75, which I sent of this morning to Capital One, however, I am unclear in the follwing and need guidance and advice:

1. Time limit is from when you first knew there was a problem and is 120 days there after? or is there no limit on time as some other people are saying?

2. The amount I can get back is the FULL £1000 not just the £375 deposit paid on the card (the rest was through my bank via an internet payment) PLUS interest?

3. Although I have provided copies of the letters, court papers, bankruptcy details etc... I am now really worried that even though we have some protection by using the card that Capital One are going to say "Sorry, no luck here, your too late"

We have no pictures, no album and no chance other than Capital One and a Section 75 and It is all getting on top of me now - sad memory to an otherwise great day.

Thanks for your help



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    Time limits in this instance would be the same as which you could pursue th photographer, 120 days is generally the limits for VISA chargebacks which is NOT Section 75

    So.... failing other deadlines probably your last deadline would be 6 years chasing it as a debt owed.

    2. You can claim for consequential loss if you incurred additional expenses from the business failure, not sure about the interest though, as the Credit Card company would not have had a chance to pay on time.

    £. Its possible 'may' say this, just because you have a legal Section 75 right Credit card companies may not always acknowledge it at first, worst case scenario you may need to take it to the Financial Ombudsman (8 weeks after making an official complaint to the card company if the issue has not been resolved). Or take it to the small claim court.
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