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TorFX - announcement from MSE

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Former_MSE_DanFormer_MSE_Dan Former Web Editor
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Many users on this board have suggested that there may be links between Crown Currency Exchange Limited and TorFX, another foreign exchange company .

We do not know the extent of any such links or, if they do exist, whether they are anything to be concerned about. However as questions have been raised we have thought carefully about what we can do to look at users concerns.

Therefore we’d like to make two important announcements.

  • A Senior National Newspaper Journalist to investigate the story

    This is not an MSE story, we don’t look into company dealing in this way, it's not our expertise. Therefore to resolve this issue we've spoken to a respected national newspaper, and it has agreed to have a very experienced freelance journalist look into this further to see if there is a story here. We are going to work with them on this.

    Therefore we would ask users who believe they have information or comments regarding any companies about which they have genuine concerns, to send it to [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL].

    For obvious reasons - as is normally the case - we have been asked not to say who is doing the work at the moment.

  • A public forum is not the place for unproven allegations

    This is a public forum, and we cannot allow any comments that could be perceived to be defamatory (we don’t have the resources to check every comment and are receiving numerous complaints). It's important for users to note that if you make defamatory comments then the way the law works these days means both you and we can be held liable and you may even be open to a charge of harassment.

    So to try and escape the rock and a hard place we’re in – of protecting consumers' rights but balancing that with treating others fairly – we have come up with this solution.

    While the issue is being looked at, we’d ask you to co-operate and not post any further comment about other foreign exchange companies within the context of Crown.

We are getting this done as swiftly as possible, as we want the facts to be established, verified and fair. However, if problematic posts keep appearing this will slow the process up massively.


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