Cheapest Way To Phone UK From Cyprus?

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to Cyprus for a week and was just wondering what's the cheapest and best way to phone home? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.


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    Either look for local phonecards when you get there, or investigate callback services, though many of these will need some internet or phone access to set up the numbers or calls.
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    No idea but I wish I was going to Cyprus
    The trouble with work is that it interferes with living
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    If you are staying in a private house, rather than a hotel or rented apartment

    and have access to broadband computer then try but you will need to open an account. 5 eurocents per call, free per min.

    Or use 1018 service.

    Prepay mobile phones (unlocked) cost 15 cyp £ per card and 6 cyp cent per min to Uk landline. Cards have either 6 months or 12 months validity.

    In a communications bureau the price obviously varies. I have seen 5 cent to a Uk landline in Paphos, 7c in a comms place in Larnaca. Not saying these are the cheapest.

    Good luck.


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    There is a phone bureau in limassol that as well as letting you phone from there also sells phone cards. We searched high and low for a card as we could be bothered to run to these call boxes all the time and the mobile sim buying option would have worked out too expensive. The place is in central limassol. It is right opposite the a fish shop .....the directions are :- pretend that you are coming from the port/harbour in limassol where all the boats are into limassol there should be a round about exactly infront of you, it is on your left before the round about can't miss it....I thinks its a blue shop,. Ask the lady about the phone card. It looks like a home made one with tip-ex covering the card number but it was legit and use any public phone 0800 access.
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