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Complaint after a repair

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vippyminivippymini Forumite
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Just wondering if there anything i can do.

my car went in for repair a couple of weeks ago under a insurance claim and has been repaired poorly. we contactect the insurance company , ythey sent a engineer out who says yes it got to go back and be sorted which is great.

my main concern is when it went , the car had a perfectly working battery thats never let us down in 4 years, the car was delivered bk and it was as flat as a dodo!!!!! we called the garge out and they sent someone out to bump start it and told us they had it on charge all daywhich is very strange and take it for a run which we did.

tried it later that day battery dead. when we spoke to the engineer yesterday he said it could just be coicedence and not a lot can be done about it.

im fumming cause i now got to find the money for a battery that i didnt need to buy before the car went ..

if any one could advise or suggest something it be much appricated..


  • steady__eddiesteady__eddie Forumite
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    I don't really know what the mortality rate for batteries is but I had to get a new one in Feb for my diesel and that one was a month short of its 5th birthday. I suppose it depends on the make. The retailer who I bought the new one from reckoned that my old one had provided good service had was well and truly kn*ck*r*d. Seeing has how yours was flat after you had run round for a while, I am presuming that it is now due for its pension but you can still have it tested for free to confirm this. It could be that your alternator may not be charging, did you notice if your ignition light was showing when you took it for its last ride ?
    The above line of reasoning is based upon technology in existance pre engine management chip thingys. I apologise in advance if it is incorrect. Hopefully someone else will be along shortly who is not a technological dinosaur like myself.
  • thanks for that !!

    the point i was getting at was when it went for repair it was perfect , when it came back it was dead... so in the week they had the car the garge knackered it!!!!!!!!!
  • could i ask what the repair was the car went in for a second time ?
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  • Sounds like someone needed a battery to replace the dead one in there car, and swapped yours over.

    Trust me, it happens. When I served my time, I went to college one day a week, and the lads who went who worked on a local main dealer garage of a certain 4 lettered car company used to talk about doing such things all the time..
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    Nothing lasts for ever. I stopped at trafic lights once and the engine stalled, when I tried to restart it the battery had expired.
    I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure.
  • If a battery had been on a vehicle for four years i would not be surprised if it failed,like a light bulb,they can go at any time.some only have a 12 month warranty when you buy them,one lasted me 20 months and was fine until it failed one morning,i took it to halfords,they tested it and it was knackered,I had to buy a new one.This of course does not mean someone has not done a swap with yours!!
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