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Help - MOTs and fog lights

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Hi all,

Could anyone help with this please? The rear left fog lamp 'bulb assembly' is missing from behind the bumper on the family car (recently discovered collision damage by previous owner & unit was not replaced :doh:) but the red plastic cover is intact. Without removing the cover and just looking at the car it could easily appear that the bulb simply needs changing yet the entire bulb housing was removed...I hope the description makes sense.

Does anyone know if this would fail an MOT?



  • Rear fog lights Must be fitted to all vehicles first used on or after 1st April 1980 and will have to be in working order.
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    Do you need two working though? Quite a few cars have a single rear fog light.
  • No idea if one is enough. The surprising thing is that we bought this car just after it had been put through & passed its MOT (by the dealer) - is this possible?
  • I came across this text on an MOT testing site - allows for at least one fog lamp fitted. However it's not clear to me whether this includes my situation:

    "According to the regulations under the heading of “Rear Fog Lamps”, “The inspection of rear fog lamps is confined to the one rear fog lamp which is required to be fitted to the centre or offide of vehicles first used on or after 1st April 1980.” It must also have a ‘tell-tale’ indicator light that the driver can see."
  • One rear fog light is enough to pass the MOT but like a previous poster said, it needs to be in the centre or the offside of the car i.e. the right hand side when you are stood at the back of the car looking at it. If you have a working one on the offside then remove the broken unit completely and they can't fail what isn't there, thats assuming it is one of those little add on units that fits under the bumper, is that what you mean?
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    Hi northern_munky. The lights are the 'integrated in the bumper' type. There are two of these, one on the nearside and the other on the offside. The offside light works, the nearside unit was removed. When stood at the back of the car looking at it you cannot tell that the nearside unit is missing though because both light covers are intact. Only when I unscrewed the light cover (to replace what I thought was a faulty bulb) on the nearside did I realise that there was nothing behind it but taped wiring. Could this be why it had a valid MOT. i.e. at least the offside worked? I'm not sure whether passing it in this case is at the tester's discretion or not.
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