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hi I got rid of their broadband back in May but was held until oct for their phone calls ,now the problem,had to cancel all my DDs with talktalk so I'm sending cheques,now last cheque was sent on 2nd of sept and taken out of my bank on 12th sept then on the 19 sept got a letter saying I had not paid it,I have phoned and phoned and all I get is the cheque cant be found even though its out of my bank ,so I sent my bank statement and a letter showing this has been paid and still they tell me no cheque,this was a crossed cheque,with my name ,address,phone number,and account number,anyone please advise me what to do next ,and I only have 1 more cheque to send and thank God to get rid of these people.Have to say they have cut me of quite a few time when I phone them so as I still have my phone with them ,(which is free because I am with them)(and not line rental)I will keep phoning them


  • Totally agree.These people are very hard to get rid of. My experience is that I was dealing with my Mothers' affairs under Power of Attorney as she was hospitalised at the time. She had a contract with TalkTalk but we were selling her house to provide proceeds for care. Dsepite TalkTalk being advised of the position several times they refused to take any action without a password (which she was too ill to give us) and continued to charge for line rental and calls made on the line after completion of the sale. Even after death they are pursuing her with bailiffs depaite the solicitor administering the estate having paid the outstanding account. My dossier will be going to Oftel when administration of the estate is complete and you do have to wonder whether the exit hassle is a deliberate ploy to discourage people from changing supplier.
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    hi phone these clowns every day now and still no one can find my cheque which they have cashed 2 weeks ago ,I now have sent them a letter telling them they have 10 days to reply or I'm going to get legal advise ,I know that they will just not reply but need to give them the 10 days so anyone thinking about this company please think again
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    hi all looks like I finally got this solved,these clowns did get my cheque in sept but credited my old broadband account with this money althought this account was closed in june and when I phoned today and got them to get this money out they told me that there was another £14.99 credit sitting there as well ,so now these clowns owe me £14.99 ,what a company they are,got word on thursday from them telling me its not to late to stay with them for my phone calls,you can just see me stay with a company like this not a chance
  • Glad you got it sorted. Its all gone quiet after my solicitor wrote to them and the bailiffs. Don't hold ouy any hope for an apology and am just about ready to go to OfTel now and would encourage anyone who's had hassle to do the same.
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