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Headlight Bulb £65!!!! Wow

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Motoring

hey any car buffs out there???

got an R registered 1999 vauxhall omega elite (estate). the headlight bulb was out so i went to my local car spares shop and picked up a bulb for a few quid. took it to the garage to fit it and it was the wrong bulb.

after the guy dismantled the headlight he told me that i had the wrong bulb and phoned the local supplier to ask for a price for the correct one.

came back to me and said it was a special "gas discharge" bulb and that it would be £65.

not got that type of money to spend and wondered if anyone knew where i could get a cheaper alternative?

need the car for my work so this is pretty urgent. help please:D


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