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Super balance transfers

Hello, lost track a little bit on the old stoozing front over the last eighteen months or so. I wonder if anyone could tell me whether those wonderful Super balance transfer opportunities are still out there if you look hard enough? We're looking to do some home improvements but don't want to lump it on the mortgage (not yet anyway). I currently have an egg card (which I super balance trasferred £6000 on eighteen months ago). I haven't used the card since I paid it off a year ago. Cheers


  • BisoyBisoy Forumite
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    Hi muzer,

    There are still a few SBT cards and AFAIK Egg Money is the only one that don't charge any BT fees. So you could either ring egg and ask if you could upgrade or change to an egg money card to avoid any searches or they will ask you to have another application. But worth a try who knows... and if you have a good credit rating you might still get the egg money card. Good luck.
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