Urgent Help finding Pet + Housesitter.....

I'm desperate, please help. Just been told that the person that is supposed to be looking after my house and pets is not. I go away on Saturday for a week. I'm so angry :mad: because now I dont even know if I can go away, because I'm not leaving my animals and there is no way i'd put my dog into kennels, it would kill her...i've got birds,fish and a gpig. Tried putting house/sitters into search engine but its bringing up mostly southern firms..have mailed a few local-ish companies.Can't believe I cant find a friend to stay in house but tbh i wouldn't trust them, not that they're untrustworthy, but its a big responsibility and wouldn't want my house to be used for wild party's-which would inevitably happen...
Can anyone recommend and companies or agencies? I'd be most grateful as its getting a little late in the day:confused:
Thanks y'all.
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